Vertical Pole Arts by Jill Anne

Professional Pole Coaching for: Competitions, Performances, Workshops, Private & Group Lessons by Jill Anne in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Contact info for booking a lesson or performance:

Coaching Rates: Each lesson is one hour in length and is one on one.
One lesson per month: $75 per lesson.
Two lessons per month: $65 per lesson.
One lesson each week: $50 per lesson.

Jill Anne trained in NYC at Body & Pole (2010-2017) and New York Pole Dancing (2017-2019).
She relocated to Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her cat Frisbee and now teaches privates. She specializes in Beginner to Intermediate and Competition Training.

Jill Anne has been a Pole Coach, Athlete & Competitor since 2012.

Competitions Wins:
PSO: 1st Runner Up - 2022 Chicago Central Great Lakes Pole Championship Low Flow Level 3
USPDF: 2019 5th out of 25
USPDF: 2018 1st Runner Up
USPDF: 2017 3rd Place
PSO: 1st Runner Up - 2014 Nationals Dramatic Division L4
PSO: Winner - 2013 Atlantic Pole Championship Entertainment Division Level 4
PSO: Winner - 2013 Atlantic Pole Championship Entertainment Division Level 4
PSO: Winner - 2012 Southern Pole Championship Masters Artistic Division Level 3
PSO: Winner - 2012 Pacific Pole Championship Entertainment Division Level 3
American Pole Federation Championship 2012 Elite Division Finalist
SuperShag Pole Fitness Invitational Finalist 2012

Her method of teaching is to evaluate the level of the student then give instruction tailored to that student. She is intuitive in sports psychology and incorporates this skill to maximize the student's progress. Jill Anne has competed since 2012. She entered and won the very first PSO Entertainment competition with her iconic Cowboy routine! As a Screen Actor's Guild Actress, she specializes in helping the student create a 'story' for their competition or performance piece.

Jill Anne believes in learning from others. Some of the notable pole icons she has taken lessons or workshops from are: Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, Alegra King, Alethea Austin, Prana Liano Ovide-Etienne, Marlo Fisken, Irmingard Mayer, Kyra Johannesen, Steven Retchless, Lian Tal, Wendy Traskos, Shaina Creuea, Sam Star, Rommel O'choa, Anna Grundstrom, Bonnie Fischer and Shay Williamsom.

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